Question: Do you use day laborers?
Answer: Texas Express Services, LLC does not use day laborers. We are very strict when it comes to hiring crew member to work on the projects. We performs background checks on all the individuals we employs, for your peace of mind.

Question: How much does it cost to have my Christmas Lights installed?

Answer: Texas Express Services LLC has complete Christmas Light installation affordable packages that include the lights, timers, extension cords, installation service and removal service.    We determine the cost factor based on the size and number of stories of your house and where you would like the lights to be installed.     We offer comprenshive packages that fit your budget and your needs.    The payments must be paid in full on the day of or prior to the day of installation. 

Question:  Can you hang my Christmas lights?

Answer: Yes!  We do installation and removal of your Christmas lights.   However, we cannot guarantee our work if we install your lights.   In event of your lights burn out, fail, or become disconnection, we will charge a service fee to repair your lights.   We will not install old, faulty lights that pose a fire hazard.   

Question: Are you licensed and insured?

Answer: Yes.   We carry a general liability insurance.   We hold valid license to operate business in state of Texas.  

Question: Is your work guaranteed?

Answer: We are backed by 100% guarantee.   We will maintain your Christmas light installation and lights removal project through the whole holiday season.    

Question: What happens if I have a problem with my lights?  

Answer: We provide service to repair the lights.   If you purchase the Christmas lights through us, the service call is free.   If you have your own lights and need us to repair the lights, there will be a service fee for the service technician to come out to repair the lights for you.  

Question: Do you take down the lights after Christmas?

Answer: Yes, we do offer removal service at a fee.   We begin taking Christmas lights down in the beginning of January and have it all down by end of January.    No appointment is necessary for removal service.   We will send out the set schedule first week of January to ensure that all of our customers’ lights are removed in a timely manner as weather permitting.    The removal service payment must be paid in full on the day of or prior to the day of removal.  

Question: What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: Texas Express Services LLC accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.    Checks are made payable to Texas Express Services LLC.  

Question:  Do I need to be home for the installation?

Answer: In most cases, no you do not have to be home during the installation.   Most of the light installations are done outside the house.   In some cases, the power supply access inside the garage behind a locked fence or gate, and in that case the homeowner would need to be home to grant us access. 

Question: When should I book my installation with you?

Answer: Due to an extremely short and busy holiday season, the sooner you schedule your installation the better chance you will get your lights installed.   We offer early bird discounts till November ____, call us for the details!   

Question: Why should I hire you over other Christmas lighting company?  

Answer: We value our customers and look forward to build long-lasting customer relationships.   We pride ourselves on our ability to make your display stand out among the rest.   We supply quality products and ensure that the installations are done right.    You can also count on us to come back after the holidays to remove the lights.    Don’t let yourself become a victim to the companies that take your money and run.    You can be assured that we are fully insured so you can have a safe and hassle free holiday.